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At BrandedBacklinks, our clients who do not wish to go through the rigors of waiting and hoping while writing proposals to guest post on high profile websites, just to get a few backlinks to their websites which may eventually get broken; we offer them high quality PBN Blog Post backlinks. They are called “Private” because they were made to discretely funnel backlinks to the main website, the income generating website, without anybody knowing other than the owner. These backlinks will then catapult the money website to the front role in search engine results pages (SERP), increasing organic visibility and revenue in the process.

Authority PBN backlinks are gotten from specially made PBN websites that command authority in search engine results.


A Bit Of What We Offer You In PBN Blog Posts Service

PBN backlinks services are black hat SEO services which Google frown at when detected, they penalize the main money website when they successfully trail it. However, a lot of online businesses, marketing, and advertisement websites have successfully used this method to up-their-games in their niches and a lot of them are still successfully doing it.

A lot of persons are out there selling automatic, cheap PBN plans but a PBN service devoid of carefully customized strategy supervised by human professionals is a great investment risk that can lead to big losses.

This is the reason you need us at BeandedBacklinks to provide our invaluable expertise, experience, influence and facilities to help your website get increased relevance in your niche through a holistic PBN strategy that is part of a coherent SEO plan. Partner with us and witness a difference.

Value for Money

The most cost effective, easiest and fastest way to your website's search engine optimization goal

No Traceable Footprint

Highly furnished PBN websites with niche relevant and original contents, combined with impressive backlinks in themselves

Most Powerful Network

Highly strong, permanently unbroken PBN backlinks

Secret Network

Holistic PBN scheme that is part of a comprehensive SEO plan managed by the best of professionals in this field and so remain undetectable by Google

Real Blog

PBN websites with impressive Domain and IP popularity

100% Google Safe

Quality PBN backlinks that are safe with Google's Panda and Penguin search engine algorithms

Affordable PBN Blog Post Pricing

  • ✓ 10 PBN Links
  • ✓ MOZ DA 50+
  • ✓ Niche Relevant
  • ✓ Dofollow Backlinks
  • ✓ 20 PBN Links
  • ✓ MOZ DA 50+
  • ✓ Niche Relevant
  • ✓ Dofollow Backlinks
  • ✓ 50 PBN Links
  • ✓ MOZ DA 50+
  • ✓ Niche Relevant
  • ✓ Dofollow Backlinks
  • ✓ 100 PBN Links
  • ✓ MOZ DA 50+
  • ✓ Niche Relevant
  • ✓ Dofollow Backlinks

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Unlimited URL & Keywords allow.

We will not admit pharmacy & adult sites.

Yes we would but the article written in English.

Yes, these links will be permanent. (At least for one year)

If we failed to deliver you. We will refund you full Payment.

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